L-U-V and NFA BO Drop New Collaboration “Let’s Get It” 

Birmingham, Alabama Hip hop artists L-U-V and NFA BO have teamed up to bring fans their new single “Let’s Get It,” an upbeat track that’s sure to get you moving. Combining elements of the early 2000s with a modern rhythm, this song has a little something for everyone. 

Whether you’re an athlete, musician, or creative of any kind, “Let’s Get It” is the perfect song to get you pumped up and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way. The catchy hook and dynamic flow of L-U-V and NFA BO’s Vocals make this track an instant hit, and it’s sure to become a go-to for sports teams, bands, and anyone looking to add some energy to their playlist. 

Don’t miss out on the exciting collaboration between two of the hottest names in hip-hop. Stream “Let’s Get It” on all your favorite platforms come spring and get ready to let loose and have some fun!